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Dr. Michele and Dr. Kevin Valdes of Back To Wellness Chiropractic have been working with patients in Brandon, FL and the surrounding area since 1997.

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Back To Wellness Chiropractic has proudly provided family chiropractic care to Brandon since 1997. The services at Back To Wellness Chiropractic extend far beyond pain management. Dr. Michele Valdes and Dr. Kevin Valdes believe in a holistic approach to treating their patients and will make sure to develop a custom plan to get you back on the path to wellness. No matter the situation you find yourself in, whether it be pain from an auto accident, work accident, chronic headaches, whiplash, or you are simply looking to improve your quality of life, Back to Wellness will find a solution for you.

Insurance is accepted at the office. Convenient weekday and Saturday morning hours are available. Call (813) 685-7577 and the team will schedule your appointment for optimal health and wellness!

Why Choose Back To Wellness Chiropractic?

Patients are top priority at Back To Wellness Chiropractic in Brandon! Dr. Michele Valdes and Dr. Kevin Valdes are committed to providing the highest level of care to their patients. The services offered at their chiropractic clinic have provided thousands of patients with relief. They include family chiropractic care, robotic muscular therapy, custom orthotics, auto injury rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, nutritional counseling and more. They also specialize in working with patients who have back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, headaches, auto accident injuries, work injuries, pinched nerves, herniated discs, sciatica, whiplash and other chronic conditions.

Back To Wellness Chiropractic has been helping patients in Brandon, FL and the surrounding areas since 1997. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual, and each patient is evaluated to determine the best technique needed to address their specific needs. Dr. Kevin and Dr. Michele are a husband and wife team who work with patients of all ages, ranging from infants to teens to middle aged adults and senior citizens. Whether you are in need of a tune up, have pain resulting from an auto accident injury or have chronic pain you have been suffering from for years, they will create a plan unique to you. Call to schedule an appointment today and put yourself on track to better health!

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